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Electronic cars with a charge of 500 kilometers, modern hydrogen-powered sedans and a battery-powered city jeep are the latest ideas presented by Japanese companies. The world of vehicles is constantly improving and introducing new products to consumers. In early January 2020, two well-known car manufacturers (Toyota and Lexus) held their own motor show. In this show, there were no expensive special effects, beautiful girls, but five completely new vehicles were presented.

Toyota Mirai

At the beginning of this year, the Japanese company presented second-generation hydrogen cars to the world. The main feature of the presented model is a huge reserve capacity for fuel fluid. If you fully fill the Toyota Mirai hydrogen sedan, it will last for 800 kilometers. Representatives of the company claim that this car can be purchased at the end of 2020.
 As for the car manufacturer Lexus, they introduced the LF-30, which is electric and unmanned. According to representatives of the Lexus company, this vehicle will significantly advance the world into a bright future.

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