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EN / Autonews Avtoworld.lvThe Complexion Of The Lada Vesta – Comfort Winter

Added by → admin | Date of publication → 17-02-2020, 19:13 | Views → 464 | Comments → 0
In recent years, Lada Vesta cars have become much more popular, since they are almost as functional as their competitors. AVTOVAZ has introduced a new configuration of the Comfort Winter model, which will make the car more comfortable in the winter. This configuration will be available for the following Lada models: sedan, SW, Cross SW. The following features will be added to this package:

  • Leather steering wheel trim.
  • Heated steering wheel that will warm your hands even in the most severe frosts in Russia.
  • Enhanced heating of the entire cabin, allowing you to raise the temperature as quickly as possible.
Due to the improvement of the vehicle configuration, the cost of the car rises. Thus, a sedan with a 1.6-liter engine, which has a capacity of 106 horsepower, will cost about 734 thousand rubles. Cross-sedan about 800 thousand rubles, and station wagons will cost 770 thousand rubles. The most expensive is the Lada Vesta cross-country station wagon, as it will cost about 835 thousand rubles. More detailed information about each model and additional features can always be obtained from official AVTOVAZ dealers. It is worth noting that the heated steering wheel and new skin will cost only 13 thousand rubles.

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