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EN / Autonews Avtoworld.lvNew fines for vehicle owners in 2020

Added by → admin | Date of publication → 17-02-2020, 19:03 | Views → 511 | Comments → 0
Almost every year, new amendments and changes appear in the General rules of the road, which need to be monitored. In 2020, drivers should be wary of the following changes: a significant increase in the fine for not passing ambulances, new speed restrictions, increased tracking of toll roads, and other fines in the traffic rules.

In 2019, the Russian Federation introduced many laws that increase penalties for certain violations and speed errors. Today, the tightening of traffic rules continues, which may lead to new rallies.
Drivers pay special attention to the increase in fines, which are several times higher than the previous ones. For example, if a driver did not pass an ambulance in early 2019, he could get a fine of 500 rubles. Already after one year, the amount of the fine has increased tenfold and is 5000 thousand rubles. Also, if the driver is not the first time caught in such a violation, they can take away their driver's license for a certain period. More information about the law can be found on the official website of the traffic police.

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