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Summer is the best time for many to finally turn to gaining the driver's licence - those that still study at school or university have 3 months of a whole summer free of studies. And why not plan a few hours for training between the beach, friends and leisure to be eventually able to drive a car or a scooter? Within this period of holidays, it will be easy to attend driving lessons every day. Also, for those that are hoping to gain the category A for motorcycle or BE category to transport a boat, summer is the right time to fulfill the dream. Presto driving school in Riga is offering distance theory classes, which means that it is right now possible to study the matter with the best instructors from any place in Latvia.

True, due to Covid there are certain restrictions that hinder the learning process. Yet, not everything has been suspended - it is possible to start the training at the driving school also in the times of Covid. If we look at the situation from the positive side, we can appreciate that it is possible to save both time and money as it is not necessary to get to the driving school in person; you can lay back comfortably on your sofa at home wearing the slippers or sunbath in the backyard while absorbing the required knowledge.

We still have to wait for further government decisions about the possibility to restart the driving classes or 1st aid training - this part of the study process is frozen for a period of time. Meanwhile, as we are waiting, the driving school Presto is inviting us to use the time productively and undergo the cycle of 11 theory classes which in standard means attending 2 classes a week - 1 class is 4 hours long. Besides, the news about the statistics of driving school in the official CSDD homepage confirms that Presto is in the league of leaders - 98% pass the test on their 1st attempt. Provisionally It means that you will also be as successful. It also means reducing the study cost as there will be no need to overpay for retaking the exam.

How much time will it take?

It is possible to undergo the minimum standard of driving classes set by the government within 10 days - 1 driving lesson at Presto is 90 minutes long. Those that do not have previous driving experience, should take into consideration that most probably there will be more classes needed to strengthen the driving skills - it is possible to estimate the required number by adding 10 lessons to your age (if, for example, you are 30, then 40 lessons will be tentatively required). In category B, driving 3/4 times a week, you will have the driver's licence in your pocket within 3 months time.

Even though the news about the driving school study process normally depict the model as relatively restricted - classes at specific indicated times with 1 assigned instructor - Presto is offering a more innovative and modern approach. The driving school is providing an opportunity to drive every day, also on the weekends and holidays - you can register for the classes online and see the schedule of all instructors. This approach allows the students to sharpen the driving skills more intensively.

Who can study at the driving school?

The driving school news confirms that Presto is the biggest driving school in Latvia with the widest branch coverage (120 branches in 97 towns and villages!). And, also the audience to whom it is possible to offer the training is much wider. You can apply for the classes in Latvian, Russian and English. It has been only natural to broaden the language spectrum as there are new students each year coming to Latvia from abroad as well as job seekers gaining visas to sign a contract with the local companies. Many foreigners that have the licences issued outside Europe, are required to undergo the training repeatedly as the document is not considered valid in our latitude.

Driving school news and inspirational stories about the students can be found in Presto Youtube channel - such local celebrities as Evelīna Pārkere and the cool guys of Singapūras Satīns have studied at this school. But 1 of the biggest surprises among the experience stories is the 79 years old Irma that has gained the driver's licence in Presto at this respectable age - that is surely 1 of those stories that helps to perk up anyone! If Irma can, then so can you!

How much does the driver's licence cost?

It seems that anyone has come across some driving school news related to the cost of the licence, and surely we all have heard that the driver's licence is not a cheap pleasure. Anyways - how much does it actually cost? The price of 1 B category driving lesson fluctuates between 25-35 EUR. Depending on the experience, diligence, willpower, free time available and intelligence, it can cost below 1000 EUR as well as increase up to 2000 EUR. However, the average cost is about 1200-1400 EUR.

The formula of success - cheaper and faster?

An indicator of the success of a driving school is also the individual success of each student. For this reason, Presto Driving School has developed a training model that not only ensures the quality of training, but also the opportunity to obtain a driver's license in a shorter period of time and save money.

From the point of view of saving time, an important aspect is to increase the probability of passing CSDD exams on the 1st attempt. The queues of the exam sometimes are as long as for students to be forced to wait for a whole month. So if the student fails this exam, the training process can be significantly extended due to this reason. Of course, also here we can talk about certain tricks on how to "jump" in the middle of the line and speed up the process - you have to keep track of CSDD exam schedule changes every day, spot changes in the schedule and be among the first to book a class within a closer period of time.

However, how does a driving school practically facilitate students' chances of passing the exam on the 1st try? First of all, in order to prepare for the theory exam as successfully as possible, on the Presto website it is possible to regularly perform a test similar to the CSDD exam, which provides a detailed explanation of the correct answer. In this way, the driving school makes sure that no question or topic is left unclear. By completing the test, it is also possible to take part in a competition and win some prizes - this is a motivating factor to train for the exam more often and thus master the subject better.

Secondly, the opportunity provided by Presto to freely change instructors and, consequently, cars, is what helps to pass the driving test successfully. If there is no progress in driving skills, it is very likely that the problem is rooted in the unsuccessful cooperation between the instructor and student and it is not the right match - the instructor needs to be replaced, as the current approach is not effective. Therefore, if things are not working out as expected, do not panic, but sign up for a lesson with another instructor, whose approach of teaching will be more easy to perceive!

The exam car in the CSDD which the student will have to drive is a matter of lottery. There are 3 models that the student could possibly have to drive: Golf 7, Audi A3 or BMW. The differences are not only visual, but also technical. In order to successfully park the car in the "garage" and correctly perform the "parallel parking", the student has to know the specifics of each make. The student may have mastered these figures perfectly under the guidance of his/her instructor, but if the student does not know how to do it with another car model, the exam in the figure field will also end right there, without the opportunity to show the driving skills in real traffic. Presto provides an opportunity to drive a variety of cars, thus preparing the student more fully, both technically and psychologically.

The summer driver's licence is already waiting for you!

Statistics show that the chances of obtaining the driver's license decrease significantly after a period of 3 months from the start of training; therefore, the driving school pays special attention to the motivation of students so that the driver's licence would be obtained within this recommended time frame. The CSDD exam reimbursement promotion is one of the motivating factors - for those who pass the exams on the 1st attempt within the time specified by the CSDD (category B - in 3 months, A or A2 - in 1 month), the driving school covers the theory and driving exam expenses.

And we still have a beautiful and sunny summer ahead of us - all we have to do is take the first steps, and by July the theoretical part will be already behind us! And, if the government's decisions are favorable to us, 1 summer will be enough to be able to proudly drive the car in September to go and see the beautiful autumn of Sigulda! Do you already see yourself driving the car?

Sign the contract online already today and start your theory training at!

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