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EN / Autonews Avtoworld.lvThe change of season is coming: what tires to choose?

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The same way as we prepare the food stocks for winter in summer and autumn, we can also start to get ready for the car winter season in a timely manner. Starting from the 1st of December until the 1st of March all cars in Latvia must have winter tires and that is mandatory by law. However, it can never be predicted when precisely the frost will surprise us or the temperature will drop under 0 degrees. In case the frost and snow comes earlier than expected, it would be wise to change the tires in due time. Without changing the tires in time, the driver endangers both his and other road users' safety.

In cooperation with the classified portal, we will look at how to choose the tires for the winter in the best way possible. is one of the most innovative classifieds portals where one can get more information exactly about sellers of tires. Each posted ad is directly linked to the specific user's profile which can be compared to an individual website. The seller can be both an individual and an enterprise. In the mini website it is possible to read reviews about each seller which in turn can make it easier to decide in favor of specific tires.

When to change tires?

Icy roads and snow can hit much earlier than the law states, even as soon as by October. In this case, it would be best to replace the tires at the same time that the first frost comes. If the tires have not been changed in the time from 1st of December until the 1st of March, a fine can be imposed and 1 penalty point awarded. Also, in the event of an accident, insurance companies will take into account whether the driver had chosen tires that were corresponding to the weather.

How do winter tires differ?

Visually, the winter and summer tires can be distinguished by the tread pattern.

Also the composition of the rubber is different. Maintaining flexibility is an important aspect when it comes to winter tires. They are specially designed to be used in the cold months of the year at temperatures of up to 7°C.

What are the types of tires?

When it comes to choosing tires, the main thing to consider is whether the tires are studded or they are without studs, as well as to choose an appropriate composition material - soft or hard. What type of tires is appropriate, depends on the roads that the driver uses on an everyday basis. All-season tires are also available, which are chosen by the most thrifty drivers; however, from the point of safety, these tires do not perform as well as the ones designed specifically for winter and icy roads

All-season tires (marked with an identifier AW - Any Weather) are more suitable for those drivers that travel very infrequently in winter or travel short distances. These tires are more suitable for summer, but intensive use in wintertime is not expected. It should be also taken into account that these tires will wear out more quickly if the driver travels with them throughout the year., which, in turn, means that the overall savings will not be so great.

Studded tires are suitable for those drivers that take countryside roads on a daily basis that are normally covered with snow or ice. These tires provide a particularly good grip even in the harshest winter conditions and at times of extreme temperature fluctuations. With regard to this type of tires, one should bear in mind that there is a specific time frame when using them is forbidden: 1st of May - 30th of September. If the driver does not comply, a fine is expected to follow. There are also some European countries in which there is a ban on this type of tires. When traveling abroad, one should always make sure whether the studded tires can be used there at all. If the driver is more frequently driving in cities, where the road conditions normally are better and the roads are cleaned on a regular basis, there may be additional noise and vibration caused by the tires.

Hard or soft tires?

The most suitable tires for Latvian road conditions are the ones that are made of hard composition as they have a good grip on ice and snow-covered roads, and in the city they are quiet and do not cause any additional noise. It is a popular choice in the Scandinavian countries.

In turn, the tires of soft composition are suitable for dry, well-cleaned and smooth roads. They can also be used in rain or sleet; however, they are not suitable for cold weather when the roads are covered with snow or ice. Overall, in Europe these tires are chosen in lands that have mild winters, and in our latitudes they can be used only by drivers that drive very carefully - only after the roads have been cleared of snow.

The meaning of the speed index

When choosing winter tires, one should also pay attention to the speed index which demonstrates what is the maximum allowed speed when driving with the specific tires - that is the maximum load that the tires can take. This index shows the endurance of tires. Each speed limit is given a corresponding letter designation. For example, K stands for the maximum speed of 110 km/h that is allowed when driving with the specific tires.

The meaning of the pressure

If the tires are overinflated, they can lose the elasticity and become too hard, which, in turn, can make the car difficult to drive. A pressure that is too low, in turn, can make it difficult to steer, increase fuel consumption and make driving generally more difficult. Therefore, it is advisable to check the tire pressure as regularly as possible. Such checkup is available mainly in all the service stations at any time of the day.

Prepare the tires in time

Winter very often comes as a surprise - neither road managers nor drivers can know precisely when it arrives; therefore, one should always be ready to get adjusted to the new conditions it brings. On tires can be viewed and ordered throughout the year. It is also possible to contact the seller online via chat platform, as well as there can be more information obtained from every profile of the seller/his mini website. It is a classifieds portal that functions as a market platform at the same time - after each purchase, the client can leave a review, which increases the security of shopping and also helps the sellers to win the trust of buyers more successfully. Besides, any classified in can be placed free of charge!

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